As its name suggests, MATRACA (def: 1. Percussion instrument formed by a wheel of tables in the form of a blade that when rotated are hit by small mallets, produces a dry and unpleasant noise) comes to make "cultural noise", creating synergies with different agents. Located in the historic center of Malaga, in the heart of the capital, a space where you can live an experience, acquire something unique or just observe and inspire you. A new meeting place created by and for lovers of art, design or independent culture; and where it reflects a philosophy of artists and designers who share a vision of work, an aesthetic and a lifestyle, that is MATRACA.


With an interior design of contemporary aesthetics, MATRACA is a hybrid, which has two spaces: Gallery, with special emphasis on emerging art and new artists, under an exhibition line based on the work on paper and illustration; and Concept Store, where you can buy contemporary crafts, composed of products with a careful design (ceramics, jewelry, leather goods, for home ...), within the latest trends but created by a craft process and within the flow of products slow, a quality product and we hope you like it and keep it for a long time.


But MATRACA is much more than that, in our space there are small acoustic concerts, performances and fashion showrooms among other activities. In short, a space dedicated to emerging art in all its aspects.