aitor saraiba

Talavera de la Reina, 1983

Write, draw, make pottery and sew. In the last decade his exhibitions have taken him around the world, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, passing through Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, the African continent and so many cities in Spain.

He has a tremendous and chaotic imagery, complex in his approaches, but with a precious background and full of feelings.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Cuenca, when he was little he liked to draw and tell stories, and that is what his pictorial works hide: deep stories, in many cases autobiographical. An example is his graphic novels 'The son of the Legionnaire' and 'Pajarillo', or 'Nothing else matters'.

In collaboration with the Talavera Ceramic Center , it has created these pieces with the traditional technique of the city. All of them hand painted, numbered and signed edition of 100 units.