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The artist Moisés Yagües (Molina de Segura, 1972) presents his latest works at the La Matraca gallery (Malaga) from September 6 in the exhibition "WHO CARES WHAT I DO?". Project formed by a selection of drawings, paintings and graphic works where Yagües delves into human relationships, with that mixture of depth and irony that characterizes his work and under whose appearance a subtle bitterness emerges. "Life is a bit of a tragicomedy," says the Murcian artist.

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In his works the characters represent the discomfort and the contradiction that he has had to live through. Works that invite the viewer to proximity, seeking their complicity through a soft representation, to carry out in parallel a reflective exercise on our life, sometimes disoriented or trying to survive the set of disasters that surround us.

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In this sample a recurring theme appears in his works, the head, the place where all ideas arise. Yagües likes heads, not portraits, since the intention is not that there is a physical resemblance, but a game with which he enters the heads of these characters and tries to capture the essence of their emotions, playing with the irony.

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There are allusions to his admired poets, to music, and to cinema. And, enjoying playing with all of this, sometimes driven by admiration and sometimes by irony, he insists on how difficult communication is, both between people and in art. . For Yagües that works of art and people come to connect is a mystery, hence the title of the exhibition. But if it doesn't happen, warn nothing happens. For him, humor and irony is a spanking tool, but also a necessary physical and psychic release, a way to release tension.





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