ASFIXIA was born as a reflection on the dysfunction in the gender roles that the anachronistic heteropatriarchy gives rise to. A socio-political system that grants the latent supremacy to the masculine gender and its consequent heterosexuality. In this binary society , normative roles provoke the rejection of everything that does not accept gender binarism as something natural, that seeks to redefine itself to survive in a society where it no longer has a place. This confrontation provokes the rejection and discrimination that give rise to feather phobia .

The phenomenon of plumbophobia transcends (and precedes) homophobia, since the alleged sexual freedom finds no social similarity when we talk about sexuality . The nature of the word is discriminatory in itself and spreads beyond the heterosexual world, with the gay community being one of the biggest attackers towards new roles with undefined transversal sexualities.

The latent machismo in which we have been educated causes this self-contempt in homosexual men, who live their condition freely but do not accept their exclusion from the system despite not being reflected in a normative role .

They demonstrate their masculinity by complying with basic gender stereotypes and rejecting with hatred everything that implies their association with a non-binary collective in a world that applauds and normalizes this behavior.

"You can be gay or lesbian, but you better not be noticed."

Lost beings, seeking redemption from a dysfunctional society to which they do not belong. Playing a role. Asphyxiated by sin, suffocating everything that reveals them as sinners: the discriminated-discriminator.