Luis Reyes (Malaga, 1988)

Graduate in Art History from the University of Malaga, Master in Cultural Management from the International University of Catalonia, specializing in Heritage Management (TFM: Culture as an engine of development: a cultural center in the M'goun Valley). Master in Museology from the Iberoamerican Institute of Museology.

Since 2013 she works at the Center for Contemporary Art in Vélez-Málaga, performing various functions such as coordinating exhibitions. For this center, he has curated two exhibitions, betting on young creators, DÍAS PARA CONTAR (2015) and NEITHER MINE NOR YOURS (2016).

As an independent curator WE ARE HERE. Contemporary creation in Malaga (2019) for the Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Malaga.

As a graphic designer, he has made posters for the XIII International Poetry Singing Festival and the 144th Royal Cattle Fair, both in Villanueva de Tapia (Málaga).

From 2012 to 2017 he was a collaborator of the magazine 'Papel de Periódico' in the Humanities section.

Since 2017 he has directed La Matraca, an independent creative space, where he intends to give voice to the young promises of the world of illustration.