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Dela Delos

December 20, 2018 to January 19, 2019

Alicia de la Fuente de los Ángeles (Oviedo 1992), artistically known as Dela Delos. He studied the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca (2012-2016) and the Master of Interdisciplinary Artistic Production at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Malaga (2016-2017) and participated in the INT17 exhibition (CCP MVA, Malaga) that included a selection of Master's thesis.
In 2018 he enjoyed the LINK-funded 'Graduate Artist-in-Residence' Scholarship. Recently, she has been selected with the artistic grant 'Creators' 2019 from La Térmica Málaga.

He recently participated in the Atenea 2018 sample registered congress' ATENEA. Women in Art and Tech ', held at the UPV (Valencia. June 2018).

He has complemented his training with study stays in São Paulo and Stockholm. His videographic production focuses on issues related to power, politics, gaze and desire in the urban environment.

Dela Delos focuses on the immediate and tense relationship between the artist and the public, between patterns of expectations, ideals of representation, theatricality and the interpretation of objects as identities. His fascination with the tremendous critical potential of humor as a comment on human failure, and especially when it comes to social systems, is a crucial feature of his work. At the bottom are sex and the relationships we establish with others. How they see us and how we would like to be seen.