el dibujo

Daniel José Cabrera Castro (Murcia, 1992)It is known as El Dibujo, a nickname that comes from his grandfather, who was a fisherman and everyone knows him by that same nickname. He was born and raised in a small coastal town of Murcia called Aguilas, very influenced by the fishing tradition and romanticism that inspires the sea.


"When I began to illustrate, the recurring theme and for which I began to recognize myself was that of the sailors. Rude and tattooed men, mermaids and drunken sailors at the bottom of the sea at the moment when they were drowned in love and sorrow. The male figure continues to be my great incentive to continue creating. Even when I draw women, they have a masculine appearance. It will be that I am too gay. The marine world is no longer so recurrent in my works, but what I paint today is still as personal as it was at the beginning. Love, lack of love, grief, fear, banal and simple, but beautiful. "