La matraca 1.jpg


rebeca huerta

From April 12 to May 4, 2019

And it is that I feel you so much my soul
as if in totality you doubled

tripled at sunset
quadrupled at dawn

iridescent in my hands
shelled, liquid and winged,

Rebeca Huerta

ABOUT A SOUL is an exhibition of small-format, almost miniature sculptural works, where the surprise that the encounter with one's own soul produces in those who strive. As if it were an existential recognition, the imaginary agents that hold our socio-cultural, rational protocol and libertarian paradigms, as well as the emotional-sensitive ones; they meet at the gathering of discernment to classify, name and color what the Self is.

It is aesthetic experimentation that gives tangible fruits, and for this reason in the exhibition we can appreciate what remains of the battles fought between whim and patience or between debauchery and restraint.

The result is delicate, baroque and romantic; you think if you feel like it and feel equally, at pleasure. Because, putting it in words: the soul is not a nucleus; it is, rather: movement.