el hombre perfecto (the perfect man)

Fran Munyoz, el dibujo and Bran sólo

From April 7 to May 31, 2017


Luckily, the reactions to machismo are increasingly noticeable and we move, step by step, towards an egalitarian and equitable society. The stigma about women is finally questioned and she frees herself from old Aristotelian burdens.

However, if there is a possibility, someone else suffers the effect of this ancestral behavior: man himself.

We are born into a society that expects the best from us. They educate us to be strong, brave, confident, authoritarian, protective and parents. Vigorous alpha males who know everything, who can do everything, who want everything, and have it.

What will become of us, the other men, those of us who are neither secure, nor brave, nor strong? What if we don't want to father children? What if we need someone to clothe us?

We are the failure of man, as they have taught us, and everything they have taught us is useless.

Perhaps that is why we do not have a path to follow, a doctrine that exhausts and deceives us, that frustrates us and makes us violent, unhappy, destructive. We have endured your harassment, your mockery, your ignorance... And you have made us feel that we have nothing to lose, because we were born with everything already lost, and that, perhaps, is the best thing you could have given us.

We're free. Free to think, say and feel what we want. Free to form our family without preconceived patterns, and even to change life as many times as we want. Free of borders, of your sins, of dreaming of what we want and, what madness!, Of even fucking whoever we want.

Now we dream of reuniting these virtues and becoming that new man, or we may dream of falling in love with him. We do not care if you tell us that change is impossible, that love is not real or does not exist. Well, we have seen it.

Fran Munyoz, El Dibujo and Bran Sólo present their group exhibition “El hombre perfecto” at Matraca Gallery (Malaga), where they present us with the role of man in the society in which we have had to live, during the feminist struggle and from one point personally, different and hidden, perhaps melancholic, for not being able to find The Perfect Man.