A curated MATRACA project

by Luis Reyes for Art & Breakfast / 4

June 8, 9 and 10, 2018


Naturalezas (natures)

Ana Cabello | Celeste Ciafarone | Silvia Lermo | Jaume Mora

The relationship of human beings with nature has been perhaps the first theme to appear in the History of Art. Its graphic representation appears in the Paleolithic, and throughout history, in one way or another, it has always been present as a preferential and reference subject of the plastic arts. Although the man-nature relationship is a reciprocal and changing process, from the idea of ​​the COSMOS where everything was mathematically ordered and it provided beauty, man has constantly sought the realization of beautiful things and has been inspired by nature to find that beauty.


Nature is everything that surrounds us, the set of things that exist in the world or that are produced or modified without human intervention. It is the beginning or origin of the reality that surrounds us, a reality that is subject to change, that is, to generation and corruption. But also comes into play the philosophical conception of the nature of the human being, according to which human beings tend to share a series of inherent distinctive characteristics, which include ways of thinking, feeling and acting in the environment in which they operate.


It is the universe.
It is fire.
It is the flower.
It is the salt.


Human beings coexist with nature, need it, manipulate it, adapt it to their ambitions, but also destroy it. The conception of the different natures and the interaction with the human being is what Ana Cabello, Celeste Ciafarone, Silvia Lermo and Jaume Mora share. They develop a work of marked conceptual character, the use they make of the different resources as part of personal reflections, of sensations, memories, with a certain touch of melancholy that generates their own interpretation that cannot be extrapolated from one to the other, although the The reflective aspect of their works endows them with a convergence, they propose a series of considerations of a more individual than general nature, a succession of dialogues between works, and a set of singular actions that incite the viewer to share them.


In the representation of nature in the 21st century, well-defined trends are observed: flora, fauna, water, air, fire and land, that is, biodiversity, ecosystems and elements, in other words, what we call nature, what we see represented here today. Natures does not pursue the mere intervention of the room, but that it remains habitable and functional, a small oasis in which to take refuge.




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