Juan dormitorio

February-March 2019

A project of LA MATRACA for the Life of the People

When confronting the work of Juan Dormitorio, two impulses always come to mind: curiosity and analysis. The snapshot is one of curiosity, a desire to see what he wants to tell me in each of his drawings, a wake-up call to delve into his scenes. Then comes the analysis of the scenes represented, the characters who tell stories, their drawings are small snapshots captured at the moment, but always covered in mystery. A mystery that invites you to want to know more, inert scenes from a chaotic world, micro windows to a world that does not belong to us. Portraits of masked characters that do not reveal their true identity, nor their emotions, characters with an elusive or melancholic gaze, but close-ups loaded with force and drama. What has happened before we arrive?

In his drawings, Dormitorio starts from real or fictitious stories, inspired mostly by people or places from other times, where the portrait and the scenes take on special prominence, where he deals with the human being's need to hide, to hide so as not to be found, either as protection, personal need or for privacy. Under the theme "hiding place", there are also individual concepts, as many as drawings, each showing a different vision about it, all through high light and dark contrasts, which reveal an uncertainty and an emotion, but at the same time revealing the fragility of what is represented, wrapped in an atmosphere that can be perhaps melancholic or perhaps hostile.

Luis Reyes

Curator of the exhibition





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10:00 - 14:00 horas

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