Marina - la mar salá

From March 7 to April 7, 2019

Committed to social justice, she uses illustration and writing as tools of awareness and empowerment.

In this exhibition, the color pink and the preciousness of the montage collide with the symbology of the illustrations to generate contrast and induce reflection. In turn, the interraciality of their watercolors unite with the common element of the snake to represent the oppression to which women are subjected throughout the world, even under the false appearance of beauty.

The ceramic pieces, produced in collaboration with @silvestrilla_ceramica, in the form of everyday elements, appeal to the tradition of female submission and its normalization by society.

Thus, a peaceful and warm atmosphere is created as a whole, the background of which hides a cruel history that hints at the inequality of women today.

// @ _ lamarsala

Silencio tells the story of a conversation, Any Given Sunday, in which a friend tells another, after six years of silence, which was a victim of sexual abuse and ill - treatment when he was 18 years old. That other friend was me.

At that moment it seemed as if the silence she had endured for so long had transferred it to me, because I was not able to say a single word, or at least none that expressed all the pain I felt.

So that's why, a year later, I decided to break my own silence and blow it up in a thousand pieces, with a fanzine and this exhibition. With the sole objective of contributing my vision and collaborating with all those people who fight for the world in which we want to live.